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    Welcome one and all to my photo site - as with my previous site on the late lamented Fotopic which you may have visited at http://poultyphotos.fotopic.net, here you will find all my photos I take whilst out and about mostly in my local area of Bournemouth and its environs, although I do get further afield when time allows; notably I have made some major inroads into London over the last two years or so; still a long way to go though with a fleet that size!! Especially as they keep changing older vehicles for new - it's a never ending task . . . but a lot of fun :-)

    For those of you who don't know me, my name is Anthony Poulton, more usually known as Ant, or sometimes "Oi you!!" ;o) I've been in the PCV industry for some seventeen years now, and in that time have been prlvileged to drive a good variety of vehicles, old and new. I love driving, my current employment is with Bournemouth Transport. I've owned several preserved vehicles over the years, although due to circumstances I don't currently have any - instead I have two classic Mk 1 VW Golf's; one thats my pride and joy and gets used everyday - it might be thirty years old but it runs rings round a lot of modern cars - and the other is an older rare automatic Phase 1 example that mechanically is good but the bodywork has suffered so needs some serious TLC which is something I love doing luckily.

    You will notice that on here that most of the photos are "action" shots - I'm not a fan of static "sat around doing nothing" shots but prefer to capture them doing what they should be doing. This applies equally to any rallies I attend, although this is much harder obviously so some rows of buses idle in a field inevitably feature . . .

    Hope you enjoy them all, you will find that I will slowly but surely get my collection up here - when Fotopic "died" I had over 30,000 pics on there so it will take some time!!!

    All the very best, Ant

    As there is so much on here now I have decided to categorize everything alphabetically - so as you will see below there are folders lettered from A to Z (with a couple of gaps) within which you will find companies that begin with that appropriate letter - I,e if you want Arriva vehicles select folder "A" and the appropriate folders are within there. Of course if you want "Wilts & Dorset" for example then that's slightly more complicated as they are part of "Go SouthCoast" so you need to look under "G" . . .

    Anything new will be in the first folder titled "NEW UPLOADED PICTURES" and will then be moved across to the appropriate galleries after a few weeks.

    Comments and feedback always welcome but above all have fun searching and please enjoy my pics :-)